The Best New Fish Grill In Long Beach

It’s Friday night on what feels like the hottest day of the year. Where does this girl who doesn’t feel up to cooking go for a delicious, healthy, gluten free and paleo meal? I’m so glad you asked. Pier 76 Fish Grill of course! It’s in the super cool downtown Long Beach Arts District on the corner of Ocean and Linden. For about $10 I got a piece of grilled fish, a delicious kale salad, and a broccoli salad I substituted for the rice for a small extra fee. There is a great outside courtyard area with picnic style communal tables on the side of the building. It’s newly opened and completely remodeled with reclaimed wood furniture. Next time i’m looking forward to trying the artichoke and cucumber lemonade. The mussels also look delicious. And, hello parmesan zucchini fries with bleu cheese bacon dipping sauce. For my gfree friends, check before you eat bleu cheese. It often contains gluten. And, unfortunately the zucchini fries contain wheat. Ride your bike if you can. Parking is no bueno.

Pier 76 Fish Grill



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