Lasagne Stuffed Peppers Recipe {Gluten Free and Paleo}

These are so delicious they remind me of the last time I had stuffed peppers. It was middle school and I was on summer vacation visiting my grandparents. That was a really really long time ago! I’m not sure why stuffed peppers aren’t really made that often. They make such a delicious meal. This is definitely a modern recipe and great if you are craving lasagne but don’t want the cheese and do not want to or cannot eat lasagne noodles. I have yet to find a gluten free noodle I really like so I prefer using vegetables instead of the not so good gluten free options. This is also a super delicious paleo dish.

Here is what you need:
4 colorful bell peppers, tops removed, seeded
Olive oil
1lb spicy italian sausage, removed from casing
1 clove garlic minced
2 Tbsp fresh basil chopped
3 Tbsp tomato paste
1 14.5 oz can diced tomatoes in juice
1 tsp red chile pepper
1 tsp fresh ground pepper


Lasagne Stuffed Peppers - Paleo Gluten Free Easy Dinner

4. While peppers are baking, saute garlic with 1 tsp olive oil.
5. Add sausage and brown over medium heat
6. Add dice tomatoes, red pepper, salt to pan and combine over medium heat.
7. Add basil, stir, and remove from heat.

Lasagne Stuffed Peppers - Paleo Gluten Free Easy Dinner

8. When peppers are done, spoon sausage mixture into peppers
9. Bake stuffed peppers for 10-15 mins at 400 degrees
10. Allow to cool for a few minutes then serve. I cut mine in half like this.

Lasagne Stuffed Peppers - Paleo Gluten Free Easy Dinner

Here are the recipes I looked at before making this for other variations.

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