Zoku Quick Pop Maker – Perfect for Gluten Free and Paleo Desserts

I love popsicles and think July should become national popsicle month. I had more re-pins of my popsicle recipes on Pinterest in July than any other time of year. I only wish I had started this blog sooner but there are also a ton of great popsicle recipes to enjoy year-round like pumpkin pie and apple pie popsicles in the fall and my personal fave, mint chocolate chip, in December. It’s no secret the Zoku Quick Pop Maker is by far one of my favorite products of all time and probably the reason I love popsicles so much. Zoku re-invented the home popsicle making industry with their awesome invention. I’m a little embarrassed by how many times i’ve talked to friends, family, co-workers, and yes random strangers about this product. How could I resist? It makes healthy and delicious popsicles in about 7 minutes. And, it can even make kids eat frozen prune juice believing it’s a treat. No lie. That’s a true story from one of my co-workers I convinced to buy one. What other product does that? So here are a number of the many reasons why I love the Zoku.

1. It’s instant. Make popsicles at home in as little as 7 minutes.

2. It’s healthy at least as long as you control your ingredients. I’ve made delicious sugar free popsicles with ingredients like banana, yogurt, spinach, almond milk, coconut milk. I use either honey or agave nectar, both low glycemic, for sweeteners. Or, you can just use fresh juices without anything added. Don’t worry. I’ll be posting a lot of great recipes on my blog.

3. Those sugar filled grocery store popsicles are really bad for you, have no nutritional value, and are really bad for your kids.

4. It’s super easy. You just pour, wait, and remove. I always put mine back in the freezer while waiting to keep it as cold as possible.

5. Making popsicles with kids is a great activity to entertain them.

6. It enables lots of instant gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and paleo dessert options.

7. It’s a great way to get kids to eat fruits and veggies they normally wouldn’t eat. I have witnessed kids devour spinach popsicles and ask for more.

8. It’s great for dogs. Yes, for my non-dog loving friends, this is for real. Dogs like cold treats on a hot day too and this is a super easy one. There are a lot of fruits and veggies that are good for dogs that would make great popsicles but I just put plain water in the zoku and the bulldogs love them. I’m going to mix a few pieces of cantaloupe or watermelon with water next time and they will be more excited than a kid on Christmas morning.

There are 3 options. The single, double, and triple. I bought the double but wish I had bought the triple for when I have large groups. Instead, I make some in advance and make some after dinner with kids.

I have even bought a lot of the accessories. The storage case is great for keeping extra popsicles on hand. The character and tool kits are great for making designs. I don’t use them for myself but kids love them.

You can buy the Zoku at Amazon , Williams Sonoma, the Zoku store, and Sur La Table plus many other stores.

Happy popsicle making!


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