BBQ Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms {Gluten Free & Paleo Option}

The first time I had these was at a backyard family BBQ in Finland. Finland is an amazing place. Incredible architecture, the home of many famous companies, lots of beautiful people, and incredibly cold winters. I believe the winters are the reason Fins savor and enjoy their summers more than anyone else. With less than 2 hours of darkness in one day at the peak of summer and such a short summer, how could you not make the most of it? You often find groups of friends picnicking and drinking beers out in the middle of the beautiful parks in broad daylight at Midnight. It’s a great reminder to make the most of the outdoors especially for those of us who live where you can be outdoors almost all year long. You can still enjoy your pumpkin spice latte socal peeps and make the most of how lucky we are to have summertime weather well into November. It’s already into the 50’s in Helsinki. See how lucky we are!

This recipe is my version of the same ones my family made. They used Feta cheese instead of Cotija. You could also use Buratta or fresh Mozzarella. For a kick, add some sliced jalapeños with the cheese. Or, skip the cheese to make them paleo.

What you need:
Mushrooms, stems removed
Bacon cut into thirds
Cotija cheese cubed

1. Insert cubed cheese where the stems were
2. Wrap with 1/3 slice of bacon covering the cheese
3. Secure with toothpick
4. Bbq on medium heat until bacon is cooked- approx. 4-6mins.
5. Rotate to bbq all sides

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms Gluten Free Appetizer.jpg

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms Guten Free Appetizer.jpg


BBQ Bacon Wrapped Mushrooms Gluten Free Appetizer.jpg

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