The Chemex {how to make gourmet coffee at home every day}

How to make coffee with a Chemex

What’s the point of having bad coffee? Just like what’s the point of having a bad meal? I’d definitely rather skip the meals than have a bad one. While I have been traveling in Japan and a short stop in Shanghai this week I miss three very important things in my life. 1. My boyfriend and best friend. He makes me laugh all day long. 2. Our dogs. Seriously, so cute. Check them out.

3. Our daily Chemex coffee making routine. Not that coffee is bad in Japan. It’s actually quite good. But the Chemex has become a daily ritual that I miss a lot.

Before I discovered the Chemex, I used to drink super sweet and creamy brand not to be mentioned flavoring in my coffee. I used to love the holidays and would totally buy the seasonal flavors. Not any more. When we went on a strict Paleo diet for a month I thought giving up my favorite creamer was going to be the hardest part. We started using the french press every day because the coffee tasted so much better. Then it broke so I went on Amazon, started looking at replacements and Amazon told me I may also like the Chemex. Thank you Amazon for always stalking my behavior. You are a little creepy but do have good recommendations. My first impression of the Chemex was what is that odd shaped beaker looking thing and how could it possibly make coffee? So it’s a pour over process and you also need to buy special paper filters. These filters are what make the coffee so amazing. After figuring out how simple it was and reading the Amazon reviews. I quickly became obsessed with the Chemex and decided we had to have it.

Why is the Chemex so good?
Taste – it makes the smoothest, finest cup of coffee you will ever have.
Never a bitter cup of coffee again
No risk of burning your coffee with heating elements
It’s simple – no moving parts
It’s fast – it takes about 10 minutes and time well spent
It’s fun! – read more about the history of Chemex here
Easy clean-up – throw the paper filter away, rinse the pot and let it dry. No small parts to cleanup.

Here are the steps to making coffee with a Chemex:

You will need:
1. 7.25 grams of fresh ground coffee per 6 oz. of water. We broke down and bought a Burr Grinder – totally worth it.

2. Hot water – approx. 200 degrees fahrenheit

We buy our coffee from:
Lord Windsor Roasters

Place the paper filter in the top of the Chemex, and pour some water through it to clean out any paper flavor. Dump water out and put paper filter back in.

How to make coffee with a Chemex

Put coffee into filter and pour enough water into the center of the coffee until it starts blooming.

How to make coffee with a Chemex

Slowly and consistently pour remaining hot water. It may continue to bloom.

How to make coffee with a Chemex

When water completey dissolves through filter, throw coffee and filter away.

How to make coffee with a Chemex


How to make coffee with a Chemex


How to make coffee with a Chemex

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