BBQ Prosciutto Wrapped Pineapple

BBQ Prosciutto Wrapped Pineapple

We have been BBQing pineapple for some time now and the other day Antonio came up with the idea of BBQ prosciutto wrapped pineapple. It sounded delicious so we tried it and it definitely was. What a great appetizer. We served it with the ginger ponzu chicken, rice, and BBQ sweet bell peppers. This time I BBQ’d the chicken in whole pieces instead of skewers to make it even faster. Talk about a fun, simple, and quick weeknight dinner.

Pineapple cut into spears
Prosciutto slices
Jalapeño (Optional)

1. Wrap each spear of pineapple with prosciutto.
2. Pre-heat BBQ to 350 degrees
3. BBQ for 8-10 minutes over direct heat rotating to cook all sides.
4. Add skewers after removing from BBQ

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