Pear Prosciutto Wraps – easy holiday appetizer

Pear Prosciutto Wraps 3

Looking for a great easy appetizer for your holiday potluck? You are in luck with these super easy and delicious Pear Prosciutto Wraps. One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep track of my favorite recipes and how I modified them. Keeping track of recipes I make and love is so much easier with a blog. My pinterest account is totally unorganized plus full of things i’d like to try. You also never know if a recipe that has been posted will still remain years into the future so the blog is a great reminder of what i’ve made that I love. This is one of those recipes I want to keep track of. I love using seasonal fruits and vegetables in my cooking and pears are in season right now. I found this original recipe here and I just realized now I totally made it wrong. I just went by the photo without reading the actual recipe and used the following ingredients and they were delicious:

Pears Sliced
Gorgonzola Cheese – Crumbled

I loved the combination of sweet pears, salty prosciutto, lovely basil and strong gorgonzola. Next time I make these i’ll be adding honey to them and I think they will taste even better.

Pear Prosciutto Wraps 2

Pear Prosciutto Wraps

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