Meal Planning – 5 Easy Gluten Free Meals

I’m not going to lie. Working and being a new mom has been super hard. Much harder than I expected. I have been going non-stop and had very little time to rest much less any time to myself. Cooking dinner every night can seem impossible to juggle with everything else. Eating out is expensive, makes it too easy to eat unhealthy, and gives me more opportunities to accidentally have gluten. It’s so important to me to continue to eat home cooked meals as much as possible. So I’ve had to adjust a lot. I have had to prioritize, plan, and the hardest of all say no to as much as possible. I love being a mom so much and we have the most amazing, sweet, and super relaxed baby who sleeps really well. We seriously hit the jackpot with our little one and I could not be more in love with her. Plus Antonio has been amazing. He helps with everything and gets so much more done in his day than I do. I expect things to be super busy for a long time and I am hopeful that being able to juggle it will only get easier. A big change I have made is to start meal planning and prepping in advance. I used to be able to stop by the store after work several nights a week. That is nearly impossible for me now and just takes up extra time that I do not want to spend that way. This week’s meal plan is easy and takes only a little bit of planning. As you can see I use an AirFryer and Pressure Cooker almost every day. They make cooking so much faster. I definitely did not expect to be using them as much as I do and am so happy they both have been such great tools. Here are 5 really easy, gluten free, and fast meals that make cooking every night at home after work possible for us.

Shrimp Tacos
Shrimp Tacos
AirFryer Zucchini

Pressure Cooker Chicken
Pressure Cooker Chicken – I made this on Monday while we were eating dinner. I filled the bottom of the pressure cooker with water up to the top of the rack and placed the chicken on top of the rack. I used this recipe and cooked the chicken for 25 minutes.
Sriracha AirFryer Cauliflower – this is a new recipe i’ll be posting soon

AirFryer Salmon – this is a new recipe i’ll be posting soon
Pressure Cooker Butternut squash

Pulled Pork Tacos
Slow Cooker Chile Verde Pork Tacos – I’m going to make these in the Pressure Cooker

Easy BBQ Baby Back Ribs Recipe
Ribs – I’m going to make these in the oven Thursday night and finish them in the AirFryer on Friday
Sweet Potato soufflé with cheese and bacon – this is a new recipe i’ll be posting soon

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