Meal Planning #2 – 4 Easy Gluten Free Weeknight Meals

Before I get started on the meal planning I want to share an interesting study I heard about on NPR. The study tried to find out if cooking shows make us fat. And the study found there is “an 11-pound difference between the “doers” (the women watching and cooking) compared with the “viewers” (the women who watched but didn’t cook)”. Well duh. There is no way some of the chefs could maintain their TV figure and TV personality with the kind of food they are making. Have you seen Giada? So why do they show that type of food? Because it’s what we want to watch. All they are trying to do is keep the ratings up. I think most of us would agree we wouldn’t want to watch a show that tried to teach us how bad some foods are for us and how we shouldn’t be eating. Not to mention how complicated and time consuming many of the recipes are. No wonder so many people do not cook. If the TV cooking shows are an example for what cooking everyday should be like I would have given up cooking a long time ago. The popular cooking shows are all about fantasy and entertainment.

This week’s dinners were super easy which makes evenings so nice and not stressful. This is a great meal plan (at least 4 of the meals) for a full time working new mom like me. These are real, delicious, and healthy recipes for a real person who does not have a lot of time to cook. A lot of prep can be done the night before so you can eat quickly when you get home. Here is what we had.

Seared Ahi Tacos and Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

I bought a pre-made corned beef kit from our local grocery store, Lazy Acres. I came home at lunch and put it in the pressure cooker with water per the instructions and set it for 90 minutes. When I came home from work I added the vegetables and set it for another 5 minutes which was a little too long. I would do 2-3 minutes next time.

I had errands to run after work so we picked up burgers from MVP’s

We had air fryer salmon and Christmas salad without the pomegranates. I pre-make the salad and only add dill to our servings so it lasts several days. For the air fryer salmon, I place the pieces on a rack inside the air fryer and set it to 270 degrees for 15 minutes. I then sprinkle dill on top. Seriously dinner cannot get any easier than this. It’s faster than picking something up and way healthier.

We had pressure cooker whole chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and leftover corned beef. I buy Mary’s Organic Free Range Chicken and made it Thursday night after dinner. I put 4 garlic cloves, 1 pierced lemon, and a packet of poultry herbs inside the chicken. I used 1 stick of softened butter and fresh ground pepper on the outside of the chicken. I fill the pressure cooker to the top of the rack with water and place the chicken on top of the rack. The prep work took less than 10 minutes and with the Secura Electric Pressure Cooker you can just set it and forget it. I set the pressure cooker for 25 minutes and stored the cooked chicken in the refrigerator so all we had to do was re-heat it Friday night.

Adriana tried blueberries and bananas this week and was not a big fan so we went back to butternut squash made in the pressure cooker of course. We got a very strong head shake with the blueberries. I do not think she knows that actually means no but she was definitely telling us no she did not want it.

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