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Baby Food Adventures – Applesauce

Applesauce Make Your Own Baby Food 1

Making Applesauce is really easy. I found a recipe that called for honey, cinnamon, and vanilla and could not make it because I am not yet ready to give my daughter spices. Also, we have been advised that honey is not allowed until she is at least a year old. I made it with just apples and water and tasted a bowl of it after it was made. It was delicious. The best applesauce I’ve ever had. I would definitely make this again and make it exactly the same way. I’m sure this is nothing new but this is how I made applesauce using my pressure cooker.

Here is what you need:

Approximately 6 cups of peeled and cut apples. Cut them all approximately the same size.
2 cups water

Applesauce Make Your Own Babyfood 3

1. Place apples and water in pressure cooker
2. Set pressure cooker for 90 minutes making sure the pressure valve is set to on
3. Turn off and let pressure cooker stand for approximately 15 minutes until pressure is released naturally.
4. Blend all ingredients until completely smooth
5. Store in refrigerator or freeze in sterilized ice cube trays for single servings later.

For the freezer method, you can first freeze in sanitized ice cube trays covered with plastic. Once frozen you can remove from trays and store cubes in ziplock bags. For detailed food safety storage guidelines read more here.

Applesauce Make Your Own Babyfood 2

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